Collaboration with National Court Reporters!

The National Court Reporters Foundation (NCRF) and the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) have partnered with the United States Library of Congress in an effort to protect and preserve the rich and extensive history of U.S. veterans.

Recently, NCRF and NCRA agreed to transcribe all the past and future interviews for the Veterans History Project (VHP) at CCSU. While aspiring court reporters gain experience and CEUs, the VHP receives expert services that we could not otherwise afford. Thank you, Court Reporters!

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Governor Rell proclaims November 22, 2009, as Old Farms Convalescent Hospital Day

Avon Old Farms School was founded by Theodate Pope Riddle, Connecticut’s first licensed female architect in 1927. Mrs. Riddle, a passionate patriot and personal friend of FDR’s, closed the school during World War II so it could serve as an oasis for blinded Army veterans. The Old Farms Convalescent Hospital, as it was called, gained national prominence for Mrs. Riddle’s architectural masterpiece.

History of Old Farms Convalescent Hospital (Video)

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Arthur Wiknik and Jeanne Christie, Vietnam veterans featured in WXLM 104.7 FM Radio show on January 8th, 2010:

Arthur Wiknik, a Vietnam Army veteran, and Jeanne Christie, former Red Cross Donut Dolly, both participated in CCSU VHP project. They were featured on a radio show at WXLM 104.7 on January 8th 2010 to talk about their experiences.
Please check with WXLM website for recording of the program.

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Education Connection hepled bring veterans and high school students together

The VHP collaborated with the Education Connection of Litchfield, CT, one of Connecticut’s regional educational service centers, to provide a high school enrichment program called Preserving our Histories of WWII (POH). Students from seven CT high schools who are learning about WWII history through their creation of original documentaries mingled and interviewed 12 WWII veterans.
Photos of the event

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